60 minutes to success

I give myself 60 minutes per week to grocery shop – for the entire week.  95% of the time, this is enough.  Now I may go a little over that 60 min based on stores I need to stop at, time of day I shop, or if I forget something and have to run back mid-week.  I try really hard not to let that happen.  I’ve written a post about meal planning,  but I wanted to give a visual of what I accomplish in that amount of time.



Spot the doodle?


This time of year brings the desire to eat healthy, cook more, and feel better overall.  I take this hour per week as a way to help me do all that.  Sure I dread it sometimes, but the challenge of getting it all done in 60 minutes motivates me – or at least distracts me enough to make it tolerable.  This hour sets me (and my family) up for success all week.  That is worth any long line, slow shopper, or hauling my kid in and out of his car seat to visit various stores.

If you have questions about how to set yourself up for success each week, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I have a unique love for streamlining grocery shopping and food prep.  Good luck!






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