The Bearer of Good News

This was the topic of conversation on the Happier podcast I listen to while I walk the dog.

Aside from a Cubs World Series Championship (!!!), I feel like so much of the news, conversations, and headlines are negative lately. Granted, there are some major events going on that should be talked about, but it’s the tone that really wears on you after a while.

When’s the last time you got a great, uplifting email? Or a phone call from someone just to tell you good news?  It’s a wonder some people still respond to my emails, since they are generally just pointing out problems or adding to someone’s to-do list.

I’m not saying we can’t commiserate with our friends and family. We need that as a way to feel supported during tough times.  However, you could really make someone’s day (and thus, your own) by giving them a reason to smile or laugh.  It doesn’t even need to be *big* good news – just keeping people in the loop of things that are going well can be a nice change of pace.  You don’t have to pretend like everything in life is going smoothly, but starting with the positive might help make the negative seem less significant.

For me it would be this: my sister is getting married soon, a friend is having a baby, and the “month from hell” at work is coming to an end soon!



Henry has never been the bearer of bad news


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