Food Logs

Much like training, your diet must be tailored to your specific needs.  However, there are basic fundamentals that should be the foundation of any diet, regardless of goals.    

The basis of any diet must be the correct caloric intake.  That is determined by activity level (minimal, moderate, or very active) and client goal (weight loss, maintenance, or gain).  

From there the macronutrient split can be set.  Determining the ideal macro percentages is largely based on body type (ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph).  However, this is merely a tool to give you a starting point.  These numbers can be adjusted about every 2 weeks depending on progress toward the goal.  

Nutrient timing is the 3rd step in creating an individualized diet plan.  This does not necessarily mean clock time, but usually is associated with activity.  The step does not come into play until the calories and macronutrient ratios have been established and the specific meal layout / menu are being set.  


Female A / Performance Goals

Weightlifting and Conditioning Day

Breakfast: Whole grain protein pancakes with 1.5 Tbsp raw honey
(350 cal) 18 g protein, 65 g carbs (5g DF), 2g fat

32 oz water

6 oz black coffee

Snack: Shake with spinach, kale, watermelon, pineapple, 2 JuicePLUS+ (1 Orchard, 1 Garden blend) capsules, bee pollen, tart cherry juice, ACV, water (160cal) 7 g protein, 33g carbs (5 g DF)

Lunch: Sprouted 7 grain bread toast, half avocado, 1 poached egg, pumpkin seeds, crushed red pepper 
(440 cal) 17 g protein, 36g carbs (11g DF), 25 g fat

16oz water

32oz water

Snack: Rx Bar 
(210 cal) 12g protein, 24 g carbs (3g DF), 9 g fat

2 Tbsp tart cherry juice

Dinner: Ground beef with black beans, bell peppers, green onion, corn tortillas, pico de gallo, spinach 
(365cal) 33 g protein, 38 g carbs (9g DF), 9g fat

16oz water

TOTAL: ~1525cal, 87 g protein, 196 g carbs, 45 g fat


Rest Day

Breakfast: Whole grain protein pancakes with 1.5 Tbsp raw honey 
(350 cal) 18 g protein, 65 g carbs (5g DF), 2g fat

32 oz water

16 oz water

Lunch: Power Bowl (kale,spinach, hummus, tuna, cottage cheese, pumpkin seeds, carrots, jalapeno pepper, flax, potato, cayenne pepper, chia seed) 
(400cal) 35g protein, 40g carbs (9g DF), 12g fat 
16oz water

16oz water

Dinner: Black bean veggie burger with whole grain bun, tomatoes, lettuce, dijon mustard
 (342 cal) 19g protein, 47g carbs (9g DF), 8 g fat

16oz water

TOTAL: ~1,092 cal, 72 g protein, 152 g carbs, 22 g fat


Male / High Volume Aerobic Training and Performance Goals

Day 1

AM: One hour workout @ SAA

PM: Swim 45 minutes, 2×9 min tempo swim

Banana with TBSP of peanut butter with every bite (~6); 12 oz. black coffee;
22g PRO, 45g CARBS, 51g FATPost SAA
Oatmeal, ½ cup, two handfuls chopped nuts, ¼ cup raisins, good squirt of honey, Greek yogurt, 1 hard boiled egg; 12 oz. black coffee; 50g PRO, 130g CARBS, 48g FAT

Mid morning
Bowl of mixed berries (blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry)
2g PRO; 34g CARBS; 1g FAT

Small lettuce salad with cucumber, tomato, onions and oil dressing , 10g CARBS, 14g FAT
6 inch turkey sub sandwich 20g PRO, 47g CARBS, 18g FAT
Protein drink 20g PRO, 4g CARBS, 3g FAT

Mid afternoon
Bag of mixed nuts with M&Ms and raisins 20g PRO, 80g CARBS, 35g FAT

Steak, 14 oz. Mixed vegetables, asparagus, peppers, onions, sliced tomato;
34g PRO, 28 CARBS, 16gFAT
Two glasses red wine 

Before bed
Cottage cheese, ½ cup 14g PRO, 3g CARBS, 1g FAT

Total: 172g PRO, 353g CARBS, 187g, FAT


Day 2

AM: Bike 4:30

Run 45 minutes, not over 85% HR

Swim 30 minutes, easy

Pre bike
Banana 1g PRO, 30g CARBS, 0 FAT
Coffee, ~10 ouncesOn bike
Perpetuem, 300 calories per hour 7g PRO, 54 CARBS, 2.5 FAT x4
Water, 24 oz. per hour

Post bike
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich 12g PRO, 32 CARBS, 17 FAT

After run and swim
Oatmeal, ½ cup, two handfuls chopped nuts, ¼ cup raisins, good squirt of honey
Greek yogurt, 1 hard boiled egg 50g PRO, 130g CARBS, 48g FAT
Bowl of mixed berries 2g PRO; 34g CARBS; 1g FAT

Mid afternoon
Good sized bowl of spaghetti and meatballs 42g PRO, 67g CARBS, 30g FAT

½ LB Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon 55g PRO, 43 CARBS, 54 FAT
Sweet potato fries 3g PRO, 26 CARBS, 7 FAT
2 beers 28 CARBS

Before bed
½ cup cottage cheese 14g PRO, 3g CARBS, 1g FAT
2-3 handfuls of Lucky Charm cereal 2g PRO, 22 CARBS, 1 FAT

Total: 204g PRO, 603g CARBS, 169g FAT


Female B / Weight Loss Goal

Breakfast– 3 scrambled eggs, half tomato, half mini cucumber and coffee;
21g protein, 22g fat, 7g carbs

Snack – 2 rice cakes with salami
11g protein, 10g fat, 19g carbs

Lunch – marinara meat sauce and zucchini noodles
34g protein, 10g fat, 10g carbs

Snack –protein waffles
28g protein, 11g fat, 32g carbs

Dinner – carnitas and sweet potato fries
29g protein, 15g fat, 30g carbs

*water throughout the day

Total: 1639 calories, 125g protein, 69g fat, 109g carbs


The intake examples listed above share a few common practices:

  1. Large percentage of whole foods 
  2. Protein at meals & snacks
  3. Evenly spaced nutrient consumption
  4. Water intake
  5. Nutrient intake based on daily activity


These food logs are shown as an illustration of what is working for 3 different people with 3 different goals.  This is not intended to be an example of how you should eat, but rather a reference point of the common practices that are a part of any healthy diet.  

*Please consult your physician or a Registered Dietician if your dietary needs are based on the treatment of a health condition.    


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