Yogurt Review


This review will be a little different from those I’ve done in the past.  I love to try new products, and when I have questions on “best brands” of certain foods I often as my friend Amelia Seith.  She is a registered dietitian and nutrition coach with Rise.  My reviews are based on the taste and texture of the brands, while she focuses on the ingredients and nutrition facts.  The prices are based on Heinen’s grocery store, so that and availability may vary based on where you shop.


Oikos Triple Zero – Peach ($1.25) – I thought this was great.  It has the thicker texture like most Greek yogurts, but its blended well and the peach flavor was very good. Another benefit is that they offer a wide variety of flavors.  This yogurt is a healthy pick because it has 15 grams of protein per servings and unlike most other yogurt brands it also has 6 grams of fiber.  Additionally, it is free of artificial sweeteners and instead uses stevia leaf extract with makes this the lowest sugar yogurt on the list.



Siggi’s – Blueberry ($1.79) – This has become a popular brand of Icelandic yogurt, and for good reason.  It’s got good smooth texture and no sour or tart after-taste.  Icelandic yogurts typically use 4 cups of milk per carton of yogurt, while Greek yogurts use 3 cups of milk per carton.  Both are strained to remove the liquid whey, resulting in a thicker product.  Siggi’s is another excellent yogurt pick because of its super simple ingredient list (5 or less) and high protein content.  It lacks the fiber of Oikos Triple Zero and has a few extra grams of sugar because it uses cane sugar instead of stevia, but it still really packs in the protein by providing 15 grams per serving.

20160615_154724 (3)


Viking – Strawberry ($1.50) – This brand caught my eye because it said it had more protein than sugar.  Turns out it’s also very good.  It’s thick and filling, and had no artificial taste like some flavored yogurts do.  Viking is very comparable to Siggi’s both in terms of taste and it’s nutritional profile.  It also has a simple ingredient list, sweetened with cane sugar, and just slightly higher amounts of sugar (14 gms) and protein (17 gms).



Powerful Yogurt – Apple Cinnamon ($1.99) – The carton had abs on it, so I had to try it.  Marketing at its finest, folks!  I also thought it was pretty good.  The yogurt sits on top of the apples, so you do have to dig down to stir it all together.  I will say that the flavor was a little too sweet for my liking, as most yogurts with fruit puree in them are.  It’s likely so sweet because it packs 20 grams of sugar!  The sugar comes from the apples and natural cane sugar, but also contains stevia extract.  While it may be the highest in sugar, it is also the highest in protein, coming in at 21 grams.  Another plus is the simple ingredient list.



Coconut So Delicious – Chocolate ($1.99) – I really liked the flavor.  It was rich and tasted like dark chocolate pudding.  However, the texture is not like normal yogurts.  It’s much thinner that traditional dairy yogurts. I think it would be great in smoothies, or as a base for add-ins like granola, nuts, or fruit.  This is definitely a  good dairy-free alternative, but from a nutrition standpoint it is really lacking in protein (1 gram).  To make this a better snack or meal, you could easily add a scoop of protein powder.  While the ingredient list isn’t as simple as some of the others, this yogurt is fortified with calcium and one serving provides 30% of the daily value, making this the highest calcium item on the list.  All other yogurts range from 15-20% of the daily value.

20160620_085736 (1)



Almond Dream – Vanilla ($1.99) – This had decent flavor, but was even more watery than the Coconut So Delicious.  It might be okay if you were adding things to it, or used it to make chia seed pudding.  It seemed expensive for something that didn’t really fill me up.  Very similar to So Delicious, this yogurt also packs in the sugar (17 grams), yet has very little protein (1 gram).

almond dream


Since reviewing these yogurts, I have been purchasing Oikos Triple Zero nearly every week.  Many times they are on sale for $1.00 a piece, which I think is a great deal.  I also like So Delicious – vanilla with protein powder added is really good!  Thanks to Amelia for breaking down the nutrition facts and ingredient lists – I don’t always remember to look where the sugar comes from, and had never even noticed to % DV of calcium before.  As with all of my reviews, this is just based on my opinion and the brands that caught my eye at the store.  If anyone has any other brands they like, I’d love to hear about them.






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