Protein Bar Review

I’m always looking for new products to try, and I recently picked up 5 new protein bars at Heinen’s.  You can find my first two protein bar reviews here and here.

After looking at my past reviews, I realized that I never shared my #1 favorite bar – Go Macro Protein Pleasure.  I’m obsessed, and eat one every afternoon.  They have other flavors that are also delicious (like Protein Paradise and Prolonged Power), but the Protein Pleasure is hands down my favorite.  It’s sweet (but not too sweet) and chewy and has big chunks of chocolate in it.  They are pricey, at about $2.50-3.00 a bar depending on the sale, but to me they are worth every penny.


Cals: 290  Carbs: 38 grams  Protein: 12 grams  Fat: 11 grams

Pros:  taste, texture, clean ingredients, filling

Cons:  cost


Now on to the new-to-me bars that I recently picked up. .



NuGo Slim (Crunchy Peanut Butter) – $ 1.67.  I would not recommend this bar to anyone, nor would I ever purchase this again.

Cals: 180  Carbs: 18 grams  Protein: 17 grams  Fat: 7 grams

Pros – Vegan, high protein, no artificial sweeteners

Cons- Very dry and artificial tasting


Raw Revolution (Chocolate Crave) – $1.66.  This bar was good.  It’s sort of like a Larabar (fruit/nut blend) but heartier and more filling.  I would buy this again.

Cals:  230  Carbs:  22 grams  Protein:  7 grams  Fat:  15 grams

Pros – Good flavor, satisfying

Cons – Lower in protein than other brands


Luna (S’mores) – $1.25.  It had good flavor, but was a little dry.  It had the consistency of a Rice Krispie bar.  It was good, but I would likely not eat it regularly.

Cals: 190  Carbs:  27 grams  Protein:  9 grams  Fat:  6 grams

Pros – Unique flavor (S’mores) and lower in total calories so it’s a good snack bar

Cons – Not as high in protein as some others and it was a little crumbly / hard to eat


Larabar Alt Protein (Peanut Butter Cookie) – $1.67.  I liked this better than the traditional Larabars because it had a little more crunch.    I’ll buy more of these in the future.

Cals:  240  Carbs:  27 grams  Protein:  10 grams  Fat:  10 grams

Pros – Simple ingredients list and good flavor.

Cons – None


Pro Bar Base (Cookie Dough) – $2.49

Cals:  290  Carbs:  33 grams  Protein:  20 grams  Fat:  9 grams

Pros – Higher protein than most other bars

Cons – Taste was just “ok” and sodium was high


Of the 5 bars I tried for the first time I would say the Larabar Alt Protein was my favorite, followed by the Raw Revolution bar.  Pro Bar and Luna were both fine, but nothing spectacular.  The NuGo bar is something I’ll never buy again.  They were all similar in their ingredients list – Raw Revolution, Larabar, and NuGo are all vegan in addition to being gluten-free.  I didn’t find any to excessively high or low in any macro-nutrient, so I think anyone could easily fit these into their daily diet.

Now for the fun part.  To date, I’ve reviewed 15 different brands of protein bars.  Here is my  current list of favorites:

  1. Go Macro
  2. RX
  3. Dale’s Raw Food Protein Bars
  4. Raw Revolution
  5. Larabar Alt Protein
  6. Oatmega
  7. Purefit
  8. Good Greens
  9. Luna
  10. ProBar Base
  11. Think Thin
  12. Epic
  13. Power Crunch
  14. In Bar
  15. Zone
  16. NuGo Slim

The first three on the list I keep on hand and eat regularly.  I may start mixing it up a bit with some Raw Revolution and Larabar Alt, but I doubt I’ll ever stop eating GoMacro, RX, and Dale bars.  I have them stashed in my purse, gym bag, car, and diaper bag for any snack-related emergencies.  If you have a brand you love, let me know!


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