Wasting Time

I came across an article the other day about wasting time.  I thought to myself “Oh I never do that, I’m great at multi-tasking.”  But then I starting reading  and realized that I most certainly do many of the things on that list.  These are the 5 that stood out the most:

  1. Facebook / Instagram / social media in general
  2. TV
  3. Going for coffee
  4. Online shopping
  5. Accounting
  6. “Waffling”

I check Facebook and Instagram while feeding Rhys all. the. time.  I watch TV at the end of my day (usually while eating dinner) and before bed.  Stopping for coffee on my way to run errands, appointments, etc is a common habit.  I online shop (usually for essentials only) constantly, especially now with a baby.  As organized as I am, I feel as though I spend a lot of unnecessary time paying bills and checking our accounts.  I added “waffling” to this list for myself.  I overthink decisions, research forever, and second guess myself quite a bit.  This eats up a lot of my time and mental energy.

Included in this article was a list of 5 worth while things to incorporate into your life.

  1. Connect with friends and family
  2. Eat good food, slowly
  3. Be reliable – to your kids, your spouse, your friends
  4. Spend time in nature
  5. Laugh and play more, worry less

I love the idea of adding good things into your life rather than taking bad things out.  Every item on that list sounds enjoyable and relaxing to me.  One of my biggest fears since having a baby is that I’ll blink and miss it all.  It already feels like that is happening – I’ve wasted so much time being distracted or multi-tasking.  I do not want his vision of me to be my face staring at my phone or looking stressed and frazzled from trying to do too much at once.

This is a MAJOR struggle for me.  It is not only something I’ve done for as long as I can remember, but it’s something I normally take pride in.  Hence the focus on adding in the good stuff.  I want to connect with my friends and family more, but in person rather than via text or email (maybe over coffee?!).  I love spending time outdoors, so that one won’t be too much of a challenge.  Basically, I’m just trying to do my best to live life now.  I recently hung a sign in our dining room that says “BE HERE NOW.”  This is my daily reminder to stop wasting time and start enjoying the every day moments.


be here now



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