Protein Comparisons

I’ve taken Beverly International’s Ultimate Muscle Protein on and off for nearly 10 years.  I began using it during my internship in college when the company I worked for sold their products.  I’ve loved it ever since, but also want to make sure that I’m up to date on all the new products out there.  With so many Crossfit and weightlifting athletes being sponsored by these companies, you see them all over social media.  He takes Progenex?  She uses SFH?  It’s easy to feel like you are missing out on the latest and greatest.

My criteria were simple – taste and mix-ability, cost, grams of protein, and benefits vs negatives (ingredients).  These just happen to be the most important factors to me.  I want to know I’m getting a good quality product, not paying an arm and a leg for it, and that it’s something that I won’t dread drinking.  I understand this comparison could be much more scientific, but for the sake of boring everyone with ratios, purity, ect….this is what I came up with.

About Time - 2lb. Whey Protein Isolate - NON GMO

About Time Whey Protein Isolate – 100 cals, 0 gm fat, <1 gm carb, 25 gm protein (cinnamon swirl)

Mix-ability – Mixed very well with water in a shaker bottle.  Decent taste but not a lot of flavor

Cost – 51.99 for a 2 lb canister with 32 servings.  $1.63 per serving

Benefits – No fat, no artificial sweeteners, gluten and lactose free, 10 flavor options

Negatives – None, other than taste


Beverly Ultimate Muscle Protein – 120 cals, 3.5 gms fat, 4 gm carb (1 gm fiber), 20 gm protein (chocolate)

Mix-ability – Very good

Cost – 38.oo for a 2 lb canister (@ SAA).  $1.27 per serving

Benefits – Can be used in recipes (waffles, pancakes, cookies), mix of casein (80%) and  (20%) proteins, includes glutamine, arginine, and BCAAs

Negatives – sucralose

Vega All-In-One Nutritional Shake -170 cals, 6 gm fat, 13 gm carb (7 gm fiber), 20 gm protein (chocolate)

Mix-abililty – Good, but it did have a chalky texture and a “pea protein taste” (hard to explain, but if you’ve ever had rice and pea protein you know what I mean)

Cost – 69.99 for a 1 lb 15 oz canister (on Vega website; may vary in local stores).  $3.49 per serving

Benefits – plant-based protein, 6 servings of greens, free of dairy/gluten/soy/artificial sweeteners

Negatives –  Cost, higher fat and carbohydrate content

Progenex More Muscle – 170 cals, 1 gm fat, 11 gm carb (2 gm fiber), 31 gm protein (chocolate)

Mix-ability/Taste – Mixed well with cold water in a shaker bottle.  Had more of a dark chocolate taste than other proteins I’ve tried, and a slightly chalky aftertaste.

Cost – $69.95 for a 3 lb bag.  $2.33 per serving

Benefits – BCAAs added (especially leucine)

Negatives – Contains milk and soy


SFH Pure – 130 cals, 2 gm fat, 2 gm carb, 25 gm protein (chocolate)

Mix-ability/Taste – Decent, but does require a little extra shaking to get all the chunks out.  Slightly bitter aftertaste.

Cost – 44.99 for a 2 lb bag.  $1.50 per serving

Benefits – Whey is derived from grass-fed / antibiotic free cows, high in calcium, good source of amino acids

Negatives – Contains milk (low amounts)



Taste / Mix-ability:  Beverly UMP

Grams protein / serving:  Progenex More Muscle

Cost:  Beverly UMP

Beneficial vs negative ingredients:  Vega and About Time


After trying these brands, I will be sticking with Beverly UMP.  I may look into ordering some About Time to change things up from time to time – I really liked the nutritional facts on that product – but I don’t see myself using it regularly due to taste.  To me, Beverly is a high quality product with great flavor, and is extremely versatile – shakes, pudding, waffles, pancakes, protein balls, ect.

I think any of these products are a good choice, and this is just my opinion.  Finding a protein that works best for your lifestyle and needs is an important aspect to training and recovery.  Take your time, get some samples, and give a handful of brands a try.  Many companies offer individual serving packets for consumers to sample, and I found others at my local health food store.  Most importantly, do your homework and know what you are consuming, especially it if’s something you take on a regular basis.  Don’t be afraid to ask your coach or registered dietitian if you have questions about your supplement routine!



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