This is literally the easiest meal you’ll ever make


I know I just posted a recipe, but since that required a few more ingredients and a longer cooking time, so I thought I’d go the opposite direction this week.  We have been eating this every week, and I love it a little more every time.  I also tried a slightly different spin on it, in case ya want options.

Now of course the catch is that I used a spiralizer.  I realize that not everyone has this in their “kitchen gadget arsenal,” but hear me out.  You could easily julienne or cube the sweet potatoes.  Spiralizing is very easy, and just a fun new way to eat sweet potatoes.  I ordered the Paderno spiralizer on Amazon a few weeks back, but here are some other options in case you are in the market for one – like this one or this one.

the set up

Enough chit chat – here are the steps to the easiest meal ever!


1. Peel and spiralize or cut sweet potato any way you like



2. Saute sweet potato in a little bit of olive oil, s/p, whatever seasoning you like

This is 2 medium sweet potatoes

This is 2 medium sweet potatoes

3. Cut chicken sausage into bite sized pieces, and toss in pan (I love Trader Joe’s Jalapeno Chicken Sausages)


4. Cook until potatoes are soft and chicken sausage is heated through (or cooked completely if not pre-cooked) – maybe 10 min?


5. Devour.


You may think it’s complicated to spiralize the potato first, but I assure you from the moment I walk in the kitchen to the time I sit down with this plate of awesomeness, it’s 20 min, tops.  I should also mention that this meal is great the next day, so make extra and enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I’ve been meaning to try other proteins like shrimp, pulled pork, ect on top, but I just can’t bear to mess with my favorite meal.  Let me know if you give any other combinations a try.


I got fancy with option two and broke out the aluminum foil.  I put 1/2 spiralized sweet potato, some pre-cooked chicken breast, 1/2 sliced pepper, and taco seasoning in the foil, and wrapped it up.  Baked at 350 degrees for about 20 min, it was perfect.  This was Will’s favorite.


Henry is never far from the sweet potato action

Henry is very focused when there are sweet potatoes and chicken  on the counter


Voila!  Dinner is served!

Voila! Dinner is served!


Just so you know, one potato will give you a mountain of noodles.  I break them apart about every 10-12″ or so while spiralizing, and they do cook down quite a bit.  Just don’t plan on tossing more than two potatoes in the pan at once.



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