Weekly Wrap Up III

Time for another wrap of odds and ends that I enjoyed this past week.  A few upcoming events, the chili I can’t stop making, and anything else that caught my eye.  Enjoy!

Via Swim Savage

I saw this on Savage Swim’s Instagram account.   This is a great reminder that people’s actions are often a reflection of them and not you.  However, that road runs both ways.  Good to keep in mind at work, at home, and anywhere in between.


Heart of America Affiliate Competition
This monster sized competition takes place this weekend.  150 teams will compete in scaled, RX, and masters level WODs over the course of three days.


Mid American Weightlifting Championship and Degarmo Memorial

If you are looking for something local, check out the Mid-American Weightlifting Championships and Degarmo Memorial at Crossfit Rise in Schaumburg.  Youth, women, and 62/69 kg men lift on Saturday, and the remaining men’s weight classes lift on Sunday.


Pumpkin Chili

This isn’t a new recipe, but I thought it might be new to some of you.  After stumbling upon this recipe a few weeks ago, I’ve put this in the “regular rotation” of meals.  Everything gets dumped in the crockpot for fast, easy, delicious dinner.  I know the ingredient list is long, but I have omitted the pumpkin and cocoa powder and it’s great either way.


The 400,000 Hour Body by Whole9

I saw this article linked on MentalityWod.com.  I couldn’t agree more.  Everyone wants to know the key to maximizing their health and fitness but when they realize what it takes, they think there is a short cut, or “free lunch” as they call it.  Not the case.  Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Coffee Roasted Pumpkin Seed Snatck Clusters

I’ve been dreaming of these ever since I first saw this picture.  I will be making these soon, and will most likely double the recipe right away.  That’s how confident I am that these are amazing.


I can’t explain why, but this made me laugh more than it should have.  Funny e-cards are a sure fire way to improve my mood.  Or alleviate boredom at work.  Either way, they rock.



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