Protein Bars II (Product Review)

Time for another round-up of protein bars!  This time i just stopped at Jewel and grabbed a few that looked good, like I imagine everyone does when they are starving and looking for an easy snack.  Just like the first protein bar review, I based my opinions on ingredients, macronutrients, and taste.  I also included a comparison of these to the first five I reviewed.

think thin

Think Thin Crunch – Coconut Chocolate (gluten free)


180 cals / 16 gm carb / 11 gm fat / 9 gm protein

Pros –  This bar has decent nutrition ratios.  I was pleasantly surprised by how good it tasted.  It was crunchy, filling, and good for anyone who is looking for something sweet to snack on.

Cons –  Not dairy free, and a little high in fat.  Other than that I have no negatives.


Zone Perfect – Sweet and Salty Cashew Pretzel

$1.00 (sale at Jewel)

200 cals / 23 gm carb / 7 gm fat / 10 gm protein

Pros – A pre-balanced snack for anyone who follows a Zone diet.  Its a good balance of sweet and salty, for those who like that.

Cons – This is not a gluten or dairy free bar.  The taste isn’t bad, but not great either.

power crunch

Power Crunch – Chocolate Mint


205 cals / 10 gm carb / 13 gm fat / 13 gm protein

Pros –  I liked that this bar was light.  It would be great when you want a snack but don’t need a snack, ya know?

Cons –  The flavor was good, but there was a strange aftertaste.  This bar is also not gluten free or dairy free.


Oatmega Bar
– Blueberry Pomegranate (gluten free)


190 cals / 23 gm carb / 5 gm fat / 14 gm protein

Pros –  Great nutrient ratios.  Comes in a few other flavors as well (Mocha was good too).  Nice chewy texture.

My favorite bar in this group.  I loved the flavor, and it’s a nice change of pace from standard protein bar flavors.  The texture is a lot like the RxBars – chewy.  I like that in a bar since it makes me feel like I’m eating something substantial and satisfying.

Cons –  Not dairy free.


PureFit – Chocolate Brownie (vegan and gluten free)

2 for $3.00 (sale at Jewel)

220 cals / 24 gm carbs / 7 gm fat / 18 gm protein

Pros – This is a bar that really keeps you satisfied, and also has a good macronutrient balance. It is vegan as well, and contains 25% of the daily recommended amount of iron.

Cons –  The bar is a little dry.


I think this group could be called “the hits and misses.”  I found three bars that I liked, and will be purchasing in the future.  I also found two that I wouldn’t personally eat again, but might be a good options for someone else.  I plan on stocking up on Oatmega and Purefit bars for a light breakfast or pre-workout fuel, as well as keeping some Think Thin Crunch bars in the pantry for an afternoon snack attack.  I personally didn’t like the taste of the Zone Perfect or Power Crunch bar, but I would still encourage you to try them since the nutrition facts were good.  As I discovered after the previous review, preferences vary greatly and you should always try it for yourself to see what you think.  I’m just here to give a few suggestions and help narrow down the never ending options in the protein bar world.

This group’s rankings:

  1. Oatmega
  2. Purefit
  3. Think Thin Crunch
  4. Power Crunch
  5. Zone Perfect

Just for fun, here would be the rankings of all 10 bars I’ve tried so far:

  1. Dales Raw Protein Bar
  2. RX Bar
  3. Oatmega
  4. Purefit
  5. Think Thin Crunch
  6. Epic Bars
  7. Good Greens
  8. Power Crunch
  9. InBar
  10. Zone Perfect



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