Diet of a Weightlifter

Our nutritional needs vary depending on the type of training being done, and the goals we are trying to achieve.  I wanted to give some examples of what I eat while working to maintain my weight, as well as the intake of someone who is trying to gain mass.  I chose two days from this past week, and had Kurt do the same.

kurt food

*Thoughts on Day 1:
This is a very typical day for me, and how I’ve been eating for the past few months (not attempting to gain weight). I try to eat every 3-4 hours and get at least 20g of protein and not go too crazy on carbs. Trust me, I can go crazy on carbs. If you’re familiar with the zone diet, I try to stick to 3 block meals, but don’t really pay attention to fat.

*Thoughts on Day 2:
Here is my attempt to eat more fat.  With low body fat, I can afford to add in these extra calories while trying to gain mass.  I still shoot for at least 20g of protein (roughly 3 blocks) and 3 blocks of carbs (27 grams), but I’ve been adding in nuts to up my caloric intake.


mal food

*Some thoughts on Day 1:
This is my #1 go-to breakfast, 90% of the time since its so simple and filling.  Lunch is usually just leftovers from the previous night, or random fridge items thrown together.  I love this kung pao chicken recipe, and made it twice already.  The second time I decided to save some hassle and make in the crockpot, and it was awesome.  The UMP smoothie is also a recent obsession, and is even better if you use cashew butter instead.

*Some thoughts on Day 2:
Breakfast was different on the second today because I had some sausage patties that I cooked the night before.  The pumpkin chocolate mini muffins recipe will be online soon – I’m just making a few more tweaks to it.  As you can probably tell, I think Dales Raw Food Protein bars are awesome.  I didn’t mean to eat tuna twice today, it just happened to be a quick lunch I threw together, without thinking about what I had planned for dinner.  Th  9 pm snack was unnecessary, I just wanted something to snack on.

food log

My water intake is pretty low, so I need to work on that.  I take a multi-vitamin in the morning, fish oil before bed, and maybe some vitamin C.  I use UMP daily, in various ways.  It might be a shake, a smoothie, or waffles.  If I’m training hard I would also have Creatine Select and Uplift pre-workout.

I try to balance my meals according to the Zone diet of 40/30/30 (% carbs, fat, and protein), or at least close to that.  I find it relatively easy to maintain my weight this way.  Obviously diet is largely based on your metabolism, activity level, and goals.  It’s going to take some time to find what foods help you look, feel, and perform your best.  As mentioned last week, its not realistic to be in “peak shape” year round.  Allow yourself some flexibility to support your training.






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