The More the Better?

It’s no secret that I like to train.  I think we all love the feeling you get after a good workout.  I loved my training cycle before Nationals.  Heavy, intense, and focused.  After the competition, I spent a few weeks doing whatever felt good on a given day.  No real plan, just light lifting to keep my body moving.

The main change I’m making is the number of workouts per week.  In previous years, I had no problem lifting 5-6x per week.  Now that I’m older, and hopefully a little wiser, I’.m realizing that this may not be good for my progress.  Expecting to be in peak shape all the time isn’t realistic, nor is it healthy.  Norik Vardanian talked about that at the clinic he did here in April.  Elite lifters, sponsored crossfitters, and professional athletes all take days off.  A day off often means a better training session later in the week.

Last week I talked about making the warm up count.  This is the same idea.  Make your training count.  Make your metcon worth the time you spend doing it.  Put forth the effort, and then balance that out with rest.  I’d rather have 4 great sessions than 6 or 7 mediocre ones.

I’ve never been one to do two-a-days.  However, I have been known to drag out a lifting session until it feels like two!  I’m learning that lifting more often doesn’t mean better numbers.  Running frequently doesn’t mean you’ll get faster.  Work smarter, not harder!

In just a week or so I’ve already noticed that my body really appreciates an off day.  I’ve struggled with neck issues in the past, and I’m amazed at how 24 hrs of rest really can make a world of  difference.  I like to utilize a lot of different modes of recovery (that’s a conversation for another time), but sometimes I forget that the best medicine might just be a good ol’ day of nothing.

I’m taking more days off.  Letting my body dictate what feels good and when to push.  Now the question is how to fill my new-found free time???




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