Do You

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone for their support while I competed at the 2014 National Championships. It was a passion project for me – I didn’t go to win a medal or place in a certain position. I went because I love to lift. I competed to try and better my total. I ended up tying my meet PR total, which I am happy with. However, knowing I have done better in training leaves me unsatisfied. I don’t have plans to rush into another competition to try and do better. I’d rather take the things I learned at Nationals and put them to work in my training for a while, and see how I feel after that.

Deciding to compete wasn’t something I did quickly. I weighed the pros and cons, my options, and really made myself answer the question “Why do I want to do this?” before making my final decision. My answer was simple – “because I love lifting”. I had some reservations I had to get over before registering for the meet. What if things go horribly wrong? What if I bomb out? What if I’m too scared to enjoy myself? I thought about every worst-case scenario, and made sure I was okay with whatever the result might be. I also made sure I had the time and energy to commit to the preparation. That isn’t just time at the gym – it’s the recovery, the nutrition, and the pressure of keeping it all together when things aren’t going according to plan. There were many hard days, but at the end of every one of them I still loved lifting. I’m very happy with my decision to lift at Nationals. It was an experience I’ll never forget and a great trip for Will and me.

The decision to compete – whether it be weightlifting, running, Crossfit, cycling, ect – should always be made based on YOU. Do what makes you happy. Do what pushes you. Do what makes you feel proud. But don’t do it because you feel like you should, or it’s the next step, or you’re not a legitimate athlete if you don’t. Just do you.



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