“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

A few weeks back I read an essay on successful habits. It was written by former investment banker and
non-profit founder Paul C Brunson. After spending a total of 6 years working for two billionaires – Oprah
and Enver Yucel (founder of a private school in Instanbul), Brunson talked about what he learned.

I found nearly all of the habits listed to be very interesting, but one stood out in particular. Surround
yourself with “better” people. He was referring to what author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn
often said – “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”


I immediately started thinking about the 5 people I spend the most time with. Spouses, immediate
family, and co-workers are present for much of our waking hours, as well as friends we see or speak
to frequently. I may be unique in this situation, since I work from home, and spend the majority of my
days alone (unless dogs count). However, the remainder of my day is usually spent at the gym, so my
“co-workers” end up being the members of SAA. Obviously Will is in the group of 5, as well as Kurt. I’d
also place my sister Megan in that group, since we are constantly texting and calling each other. That
leaves 40% of my influence for the people I work out with, which vary day by day.

I see this as a great thing. I like feeding off the various energies in the gym when I am training. Some
people are fired up and intense, others have a calm and confident demeanor, while some people help
provide comedic relief from a frustrating lifting session. We help each other, push each other, and
remind one another that tomorrow is a new day. To me, a “better” person doesn’t mean someone who
is more skilled than you (although that very well could be). It means someone who drives you to be
better. Surround yourself with motivating, uplifting people.

This concept also got me thinking of who I impact on a daily basis. Whose day can I make better or
worse? Whose thoughts and attitudes do I influence? I appreciate all the great people that surround
me on a regular basis. I want to provide to them the same support and encouragement that they give
me. It takes a village, right?




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