Protein Bars (Product Review)


Nutrition bars, energy bars, protein bars – no matter the name, the end goal is generally the same.  This review is a small sampling of some of the options out there.  To have a portable, nutrient-balanced food choice that doesn’t taste like gym socks.  There are plenty on the market.  My criterion for ranking was based on ingredients, macronutrients, and flavor.  The short list is as follows:


In Bar – cherry chocolate flavor (no gluten, soy, egg, corn, dairy, or nuts)

140 cals / 7 gms fat / 17 gms carbs / 10 gms protein

Pros – high fiber (10 gms), good for nut allergies

Cons – tastes chalky, “proprietary blend” ingredient is confusing


Dales Raw Protein Bar – cherry pistachio flavor (vegan; no gluten, soy, or dairy)

268 cals / 11 gms fat / 25 gms carbs / 22 gms protein

Pros – vegan, high protein

Cons – tastes good but not great


Epic – bison bacon cranberry flavor (gluten free)

200 cals / 12 gms fat / 10 gms carbs / 12 gms protein

Pros – only 5 ingredients, low carb

Cons – texture (like soggy beef jerky)



Epic – beef habanero cherry (gluten free)

190 cals / 11 gms fat / 10 gms carbs / 13 gms protein

Pros – low carb, great flavor

Cons – texture (like soggy beef jerky)


Good Greens – blueberry bliss (vegan; gluten free)

195 cals / 8 gms fat / 24 gms carbs / 10 gms protein

Pros – tastes great, lots of different flavors

Cons – contains soy, “proprietary blend” can be confusing

Good bar

RX Bar – apple cinnamon flavor (no gluten, soy, or dairy)

240 cals / 7 gms fat / 33 gms carbs / 15 gms protein

Pros – whole food ingredients, tastes great, filling

Cons – highest in carbs

Rx bar

Perfect Cookie – chocolate chip (gluten free)

150 cals / 5 gms fat / 19 gms carbs / 10 gms protein

Pros – taste, high protein

Cons – long ingredient list, not filling

*The cookie isn’t really a bar, but since I bought and consumed it, I thought I’d add it to the list.  Consider it “Honorable Mention.”


Overall, here’s how I would rank the bars I tried:

  1. Dale’s Raw Protein Bar
  2. RX Bar
  3. Epic Bars (either one)
  4. Good Greens Bar
  5. In Bar


The use of a nutrition bar varies greatly.  I think the most common is pre-workout.  You want something in your stomach, but nothing too heavy.  I would suggest having one of these about 1-2 hours prior to your workout, depending on your digestion.  If you are choosing one with about ten grams of protein, you are going to want to add a little more too that.  If I have a Good Greens Bar for breakfast or pre-workouts, I’ll add some extra protein to it by having a shake with it (UMP, always).  The Rx Bar has a little more protein in it, so I generally just have that.  Since trying the Dale’s Raw Protein Bar,  I’ve purchased more and occasionally have them for midday snacks.

If anyone has any bars that they really love, please let me know.  I’m happy to taste-test!



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