Weekly Wrap Up

Just wanted to share a few things I’ve been loving lately – hope you enjoy!


Marks Daily Apple | Mastering the Art of Self Negotiating

MarksDailyApple.com | Mastering the Art of Self Negotiating

My favorite quote from the article is this – “Recognize that there are endless reasons to make a poor choice, and dump every single one of them.”  It’s such a simple thing, so why is it so hard to do?  Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean we can’t do it.  It means we should practice.  See that – dump the reasons to make a poor choice!


I’ve heard good things about this movie.  The trailer definitely got my attention, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to see this soon.  It started playing in the area (Lincolnshire and South Barrington) on Friday.  Has anyone seen it?


New Rx Bar Packaging | Photo Credit @teamryanrap Instagram

This isn’t a new love of mine -just a new package.  I appreciate the pictures that show the ratios of ingredients in the bars.  Very cool.


Chocolate Cherry Super Red Protein Shake

Chocolate Cherry Super Red Protein Shake

I don’t know if you can call this a recipe.  There are 4 ingredients, and two of them are ice and water.  I like using the Super Red Powder – its high in antioxidants, which have been shown to lower you risk of cancer, degeneration, and other diseases.  I combine Trader Joe’s Super Red Drink Powder with Chocolate UMP, and then add some ice and enough water to get it moving.  I use my NutriBullet, but any blender will do.  This tastes like chocolate covered cherries, in my opinion.  I’ve used Vanilla and Rocky Road UMP as well, and both were awesome.  Macronutrients for this drink – 3.5 gms fat, 13 gms carbs, and 20 gms protein.




I need this written various places – in my office, in my car, in my training journal.  Basically everywhere.


MensFitness.com | Jason Khalipa Interview

MensFitness.com | Jason Khalipa Interview

I feel like Jason Khalipa is just a normal, humble, realistic guy – with an amazing work ethic and attention to detail.  I’d love to see him win the Games this year!


I’m sure you’ve all seen this by now, but c’mon, it’s just too great not to include it.  Try not to laugh, I dare you!



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