3 Steps to Break Your Plateau

Mid American Championship 2011 and 2013

Mid American Championship 2011 and 2013

In the 2011 meet, I lifted in the 63 kg weight class and totaled 109 kgs.  In 2013 I competed as a 58 kg lifter and added 30 kgs, for a total of 139 kgs.

Striving to be better is a large part of what draws people to Crossfit. You are trying to achieve better fitness, better strength, better nutrition (the list goes on). For many of us, the drive to improve our Olympic lifting is a big part of what motivates us day after day in the gym. We all love finishing Fran faster than we could 6 months ago, but for me there really is nothing like hitting a PR in a lift. A few months ago, I found myself frustrated with my training and feeling unsatisfied when I left the gym. I set out to push myself and my lifting. I had a great coach to help me lay out the program (thanks Will), but the effort was on me. Reflecting back, this is what I found to help me the most during that time:

  1. Have a focus – you must know your goal at the start of a training cycle. This can’t be a moving target – know what you want to achieve and be very specific. Don’t get distracted by others or their goals. I wanted to focus on both snatch and clean and jerk.
  2. Put in the work – you must follow the training plan as closely as possible. This involves the time in the gym, as well as outside of the gym. Recovery, nutrition, and sleep are very important to achieving your goals. I struggle far more with recovery than I do with the actual workouts –many days I had to remind myself of how important this is. The first few weeks weren’t glamorous – lots of reps, strength work, and getting to bed early. However, the final 4 weeks of my program produced 11 new PR’s – more than worth it if you ask me!
  3. Take feedback – both from your body and from your coach. Adjustments must be made as needed. Just because it’s on the paper doesn’t mean it’s going to happen that day – as much as I had to stick to the program, I needed to listen to my coach and my body about what was best that day. Feedback from my body generally told me that I wasn’t sticking to my recovery plan!

For me, the drive to improve focused on my Olympic lifting. However, I feel that this can be applied to anything – inside or outside the walls of Crossfit SAA. If you find yourself feeling this way about some aspect of your training, let us know. We are happy to help you map out your plan for success! Trust me, it’s worth the time and energy put in. On to the next one!



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